Fire Risk Solution

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QuidvisRisk was established to provide a comprehensive solution for planning, carrying out, reporting, and managing fire risk assessments. Combined with our experienced fire consultants, QuidvisRisk delivers the most comprehensive fire risk assessments, fire risk reporting and risk management solution available.

QuidvisRisk provides property owners the flexibility to work in the way that best suits their business. We can carry out the fire risk assessments for you and provide the reports on QuidvisRMS. However, if you have your own internal fire risk assessment teams or already work with a 3rd party company, you can licence the QuidvisRisk Solution.

Overview of QuivisRMS (Risk Management Solution)

Whichever way you choose to go you are guaranteed continuity of reporting and comprehensive, evidence based assessments. QuidvisRisk focuses on the assessment and management of fire risk. We ensure we provide any company using the system with a comprehensive and all-encompassing system.

QuidvisRMS is designed to assist property owners in managing the whole fire risk process, from risk assessment through to resolving the risk and tracking trends.

QuidvisRMS provides several key areas of management:

  • Estate dashboards
  • Most at risk property reports
  • Property Dashboards
  • Evidence-based risk reporting and analysis
  • Historical reporting on previous FRAs
  • Remedial work allocation to both internal and external suppliers
  • Remedial supplier and job performance monitoring
  • Risk resolution and detailed audit trail
  • Certification and work order management
  • Policies and procedures storage by property

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No system requirements:

QuidvisRMS works as a standalone system, with no complex integration required. As long as you have access to the internet you are good to go. For companies who wish to integrate QuidvisRMS with their other internal systems there is an API available.

  • No system requirements
  • API available
  • Accessed securely